Places to Visit in Chetwynd, BC

If you are going to visit Chetwynd BC then you might want to check this article. I have put a list of the best places to visit when you are in Chetwynd. So I really do hope this will help you in your journey and have a very great and pleasant travel experience along with your travel buddies.

Chetwynd is located in the rocky mountains at the north most of British Columbia Canada. It serves as the entrance to Peace River Country where most people go and travel a lot to the said town. It is a best place to make a stop-over if you come from a very far place and are traveling by your car. You can still find the place entertaining and interesting. Lots of beautiful reacreation areas as well as nice hotels to stay. Food are also good with a very nice ambiance for restaurants and cafes.

Poweder King Mountain Resort is a good place to visit if you are in the Chetwynd, BC or coming to the area. Located in the Pine Pass, a ski resort with lodge houses and a travel bus where you may take to get to the resort. You may also visit Gwillim Lake Provincial Park, it has a nice spot for people who are looking to wind up and just relax after a full day course. There are also other few provincial park located in Chetwynd which includes, East Pine Provincial Park, Moberly Lake Provincial Park and Pine River Breaks Provincial Park. You may also visit wonderful restaurants in Chetwynd that serves very delicious food at your ease. One of them is the New Tokyo Sushi Restaurant, which has the best sushi in the place and are place conveniently at Lakeview.

Another best place to dine is the Red Lion Tavern Restaurant, they are very popular from the locals so it is a must try place to eat. You will surely not get disappointed as it is what it says. The place is pleasant and homey with friendly staffs. I suggest you try their ribs and teriyaki. There would still be a lot of place to go when you are in Chetwynd. You can try different recreational activities and visit some parks. You can go snowmobiling and mountain hiking. You may want to ask different local people in the area for suggestions if you will be visiting for first time.

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